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Part 1

Naruto 468: Hachibi and Kyuubi (8-Tails & 9-Tails)

A shudder of the proclimation of war upon the 5 Kages...!?

Tsuchikage: The 4th Great Ninja he for real!?

Everyone: !!?

Madara: I'm not some idiot who would joke about something like this.

Raikage: ...

Madara: Next time let us meet on the battlefield.

Madara disappears like a whirlpool into his mask.

Tsuchikage: So...what's going on...?

Gaara: We have no choice but to band together, in opposition to the 7 Bijuu.

Raikage: ...

Mizukage: Raikage-sama, do you object to this?

Raikage: It seems my younger brother is safe but... allow Akatsuki to go on any further than this is unallowable! We shall become allied forces and settle the score!

Tsuchikage: So what of Konoha? Seeing as the Hokage ran at a time like this.

Raikage: Danzou is like bad gossip that but be stopped! In the matters on our recent conference he has lost all credibility! Besides, if the ninja of Konoha are informed of this, he will lose his standing.

Gaara: I will communicate what was discussed to trustworthy Konoha shinobi.

Raikage: Who?

Gaara: The Sharingan weilder Hatake Kakashi.

Tsuchikage: That White Fang's son huh.

Raikage, remembers when Kakashi and Naruto were kneeling on the ground.

Kakashi ( clumsy, young shinobi with the Cloud and be the Raikage-sama to allow this working together of countries...seeing as you to have this perception amongst the 5 Kages, what would others think?)

Raikage: Fine, it seems we can trsut him over Danzou.

Kankurou: ...right.

Shii: Raikage-sama, let us quickly act to search for Killer Bee! Akatsuki will be aiming for the Hachibi and Kyuubi and will certainly be persistant.

Raikage: Yes, Shii, put together a search party and inform the rest of the village to look out for Bee.

Shii: Yes sir!

Darui: We must also inform Samui's team too since Omoi and Karui took the news of Bee hard.

Part 2

Mizukage: In order to prevent Madara's "Eye of the Moon" plan , we absolutely must not hand over the Hachibi and Kyuubi. I think it would be best if the allied forces went ahead and located the Hachibi and Kyuubi and hid them.

Gaara: ...

Choojuurou: E...exactly! If the day something like the Juubi were to be revived...

Tsuchikage: imagine the power 7 bijuu Madara has collected...and the jutsu using the bijuu.

Akatsuchi: We can't allow it, we can't let something that great out!

Tsuchikage: Wouldn't it be best if we try and calculate our war potential as the allied forces, along with the Hachibi and Kyuubi.

Gaara: That won't work, we must protect those two even if there is a war. There must be a reason to Madara waging a war with the 7 bijuu he's collected...Perhaps it is too hard for Madara, in his weakened state, and the rest of Akatsuki's members to seize the Hachibi and Kyuubi. Even if he were able, the risk is too great to imagine...moreover, if a war were to occur, he would expect that we would bring them out as weapons.

Mizukage: I agree.

Raikage: I also share the same sentiments with the Kazekage! If you think about it, we absolutely should not bring the Hachibi and Kyuubi out right in front of the enemy. In the first place, the Hachibi is my younger brother, and to use him in any sort of plan, it would have to fly by me first. He's too unpredictable...on the other hand he could also cause chaos on the battlefield.

Gaara: The 9-tails Naruto is the same.

Kankurou: If you can say that.

Temari, shyly: Haha...right...

Mizukage: Understood. So we shall protect and confine the Hachibi and Kyuubi then. Tsuchikage?

Tsuchikage: ...yes...

Raikage: I shall offer information on Bee to you then of the Rock, Mist, Sand, and Leaf. With that we shall form search teams and move! Report information back to me as his older brother if you find the Hachibi. My younger brother will only listen to me! And Kazekage...about Kakashi, we're leaving that to you.

Gaara: Right...

Part 3

Raikage: Along the way here I met Hatake Kakashi and the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. They are probably still here in the Land of should search this land first.

Gaara: Understood.

Mifune: ...

Choojuurou: I say something?

Raikage: What?


Raikage: Come out and say it!

Choojuurou: A...among the Akatsuki, is one of us of the 7 Swordsman, Hoshigake Kisame...that man...has the chakra capacity equal to that of a Jinchuuriki...and among the 7 swordsman, wielded Samehada, a terrible sword...if he fuses with his sword he can utilize power comparable of a Jinchuuriki as well. Like a bijuu without a tail...from what I heard from my senpai, he was a special one...By no means, do not underestimate him...

Tsuchikage: We know that! More than that really ok? Madara is pulling the strings right. The power of the 7 bijuu is not yet known to us...if we restrain the Hachibi and Kyuubi, and the place where we, the allied forces are protecting those two...if we are to be annihilated, there would be no meaning. I think it would be to our benefit if the allied forces used those two at the tip of this war.

Raikage: ...

Mifune: I wonder about that.

Tsuchikage: ?

Mifune: This is the first time an allied force has been able to come about. This power is again not yet known...there is certain risk that Madara will use the power of the 7 bijuu. He won't come here to make negotiations and it would not be in his favor to make such terms, am I right. Besides, we samurai will also participate in this war! Tsuchikage-dono...even with this, do you still have reservations?

Tsuchikage laughing: Hm.

While looking at the fallen samurai, Suigetsu: Raikage and Kazekage both seem to have gone up there. As I thought, Sasuke and Karin went up there before them. Shall we go up and take a look?

Juugo: But they've probably been warned...we would be found quickly.

Suigetsu: In that case...I have a good plan but...

White Zetsu laying down.

Akatsuchi: What happened to this guy! Gross!

Part 4

Master Sabu-chan: Shinobiii~~shinobi~~shinobi weepinggg~~~♪

Master Sabu-chan has samurai hair and a punch-perm (laugh)

Master Sabu-chan, whose eyes are opening wide: That was just singing right, including Enka's feelings and soul! Hoi! Try it from there!

Bee: Ya! Shinobi--shinobiiii. Postposing our time of deathh~~♪

Bee enduring the

Unable to endure: Uiiii~~iiiiii~~

Sabu-chan sways along, while Bee awaits his opinion.

Sensing fear, Sabu-chan: You have a passion for being passionless!! You're not going to sing it all? Is it going to be like that? That's it then!

Master Sabu-chan: That's right, passion! Like the words that make up "Enka"*, if you want to be on the same level of passion in the world of music, performing is important! And then embellishment! More, from the nose all the way to the stomach turn those feelings!
[TN: Of the Kanji that make up the word Enka - 演歌; Sabu-chan refers to the word 演 which means to perform]

Sabu-chan's pet Pon'oo* senses something. Pon'oo* is is big and looks like a badger.

Master Sabu-chan: What's wrong Pon'oo*?
[TN: ポン太 is the name of the dog. But I'm not sure what the reading for the 太 is, so for now, I will just refer to him as Pon'oo which could be a possible reading until a better picture or the furigana for his name is released]

Snow falling, Naruto sits in meditation.

Naruto: (If I continue doing what I have been doing until now, even is I search and look for Sasuke, it's of no use...there's no choice but to use Sennin mode...first I must raise the duration time!

Also there, Yamato: Naruto, come back in soon!

Naruto goes into Sennin mode: !

Kakashi: ...

Kiba: We've finally found you!

Naruto: Saku-chan...! Sai and Kiba...fuzzy eyebrows even.

Kakashi: Why did you guys come here?

Yamato: ?

Sakura: Naruto...I have something I need to talk to you about...

Naruto: ...?

Part 5

Master Sabu-chan: Who are you!?

Bee: It's Akatsuki Master Sabu-chan. It will take away some personal time, but there's no way around it, allow me to terminate him quickly.

Kisame: It took a while to find you Hachibi. My blade Samehada likes strong chakra. Seems delicious, the smell of your chakra, and to finally get the chance to taste it...Sorry but I'll have you become fish bait for my Samehada. But of course I won't kill you.

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