Naruto 472 Prediction


page 1: Kisame fused with samehada attacks Killerbee while underwater the ball of h20. Killerbee partially blocking Kisame's rush from all angles because underwater, Kisame has the advantage in this form. He was able to bite the arms and legs of Killerbee, turning the battlefield red.

page 2: Killerbee is worn out by Kisame's relentless attacks. He has to hide somehow to regain a little edge in his spirit. He used the ink from his mouth to blacken the water surrounding him, and made his escape further underwater behind boulders.

page 3: but Kisame,being the shark he is,can smell and taste blood from miles away. He easily located Killerbee behind the giant boulder concealing him. He used a suiton under water blast jutsu to destroy the rock revealing Killerbee. But this move intended for a surprise attack has Kisame surprised instead.

page 4: Killerbee is in full hachibi form, the octobull. though massive in size, the boulder surely hid him. but as surprise faded into excitement, they both get ready for the attack
Kisame: Now we will get ourselves squid steak tonight.
Killerbee: I'm not a squid ya stupid freak. gonna bust yer teeth and make ya leak!
Kisame: oho still rapping at a time like this, dontcha realize you gonna die?
Killerbee: Hoshigake kisame,you talk too much. ahm gettin hungry u'll suffice for lunch.

page 5: Fuu is rapidly falling down towards the blade he has set-up. Ao is anxiously awaiting for his return to his body. Fuu thought of his next move when he releases the jutsu, and could think of none.

page 6: Fuu suddenly stopped short of the blade. Ao was surprised. Fuu perspired heavily.
Fuu: *thinking to himself* this guy didn't even flinch? So he was serious afterall with his bluff.
Ao: scared so much you wet yourself? why didn't you proceed as you planned?

page 7
Ao: or is it because you have no other moves left if i am to counter this pathetic plan of yours?
Fuu: *thinking to himself* he figured me out. I have to make a bluff of my own. but is it too late to try again? gaaahhh i will do it definitely, insulting me like i'm scared huh?
Fuu: *aloud* i was just getting your reaction.and also i am computing for the speed at which i fall. I don't want you to escape when i have you on a bind like this. I won't fail
Ao: tch, then do it already.

page 8: Fuu climbed up again on the tree. He has to have a next move after this one. Should he call Torune for back up? it is still far from here, it would take more than a minute for torune to catch up and assist.
Ao: hey, are you still thinking of jumping down now? don't be afraid too much you know. You won't feel what hit you i swear. You'd die in an instant.

page 9: Fuu is still hesitating to jump.He can't believe this guy can be underestimating him so much it annoys him. He is not good at bluffing he admits. But a split second transfer is not far from impossible. "i can do it" Fuu said to himself as he jumps off the branch and launches himself down, towards the scythe-blade a second time, trying hard not to close his eyes as the blade nears his neck.

page 10: Killerbee is trying to back up a little from Kisame. he is having trouble now because 5 of his tentacles are still regenerating. Kisame was able to chop off 5 of Killerbee's tentacle off with his teeth. now Kisame is slowly gliding towards the octopus, going for the kill.
Kisame: now to end this.

page 11: Killerbee is in a slight state of panic. He is not rapping now.
Killerbee: is it really that bad?
Hachibi: yes it is, i have to regenerate, it would take time.
Killerbee: How long?
Hachibi: gain some 5 minutes for me. i cannot lend you my chakra for now if you want me to make it faster.
Killerbee: alright. i will fight this shark by myself for now. please make it fast.

page 12:Killerbee reverted to his human form. Kisame stopped in his tracks towards killerbee.
Kisame: why did you go back to your original form?!?!
Killerbee: I can handle you boy sharky.
Kisame: have you given up already?!?! come on!! you're not good to eat that way!! transform and let's fight it out at full!!!

page 13: Killerbee noticed something weird from what kisame said. Kisame wants to him to transform? He readies himself as Kisame starts to attack. He was able to avoid most of Kisame's attacks and parry most of his bites with his sword. Killerbee uses ink to avoid some attacks and fall back but kisame easily hunts him down. His scent was already memorized.

page 14: Killerbee notices that unlike earlier, Kisame has lost his appetite. his hunger to destroy him and eat all his chakra. it was like Kisame was pushing him to transform again into one massive chakra. He is now thinking whether it is a better option to try and overpower this monster, or to try and take him out with what he's got left in this ol' Killerbee form.

page 15: Ao is back in his body. He is resting slumped in a nearby tree. Mizukage and the boy bodyguard is with him.
Mizukage: what happened to you?
Ao: Danzou sent one of his men, to kill me and take the byakugan.
Mizukage: that creep, do you know where they are heading now?
Ao: i can locate them but lemme rest awhile,it'll take time to get used again to a normal body
chojiro: ah eh ahm err..
Ao: what is it boy? say it already.
chojiro: can i go take a leak in the bathroom?!
Mizukage: gaaaahhhh!! then go!!!

page 16: back at the iron country where the kage summit occured. Sakura and her team are searching for the whereabouts of Sasuke. Kiba leads them into the chamber where the battle of Raichu and Sasuke happened. They all saw the destruction and wondered what the hell happened at the Kage Summit. Kiba's nose leads them to the room where the 5 kages meet, where the last of sasuke's scent can be smelled. Upon entering the room everybody was surprised.
Sakura: who?!?
Kiba: what?!?
Sai: where?!?
Akamaru: woof?!?
Juugo: why?!?
Suigetsu: oh damn more company?!?!

page 17: Raikage arrived at the ball of water. He can feel Killerbee in there, that jinchuriki chakra of his cannot hide from him now that he's this close. He is fighting someone really strong. He can't believe it either.
Raikage|: all that chakra, but it can't be another jinchuriki. Must be this Kisame we've been warned about.
Darui: Sir, Killerbee is still in it. we must help him, his chakra seems to be on the verge of exhaustion.
Shii: Sir, what are you trying to do?
Raikage dips his cut arm inside the ball of water, he smiled as his team, the first time we ever see him smile.
Raikage: I'm punishing my brother. and I'm taking him back.
Raikage conducts a large amount of lightning chakra from his body into the water, electrifying it with gigavoltages of electricity.


Naruto 472 prediction:

(The scene starts to close up on the giant water sphere where kisame and bee are talking)

Kisame: so hachibi, are you ready to be defeated?
Bee: Yo yo i'll never be defeated by the likes of you, taste my version 3 little sharky dude.
(Bee transforms into his final form)
8 tails: Bee finish this quickly im growing tired of this fight
Bee: gotcha 8-0 lets show him what we got!
kisame: TAKE THIS!!!
(kisame makes a move on be and bee slaps kisame in the face with his oversized tentacle)
Kisame: (dammit, hes so strong)
Kisame: GIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIG! Samehada is getting excited octopus, time to finish this.

(Scene switchs to ao and fu)

(Fu jumps from the tree and tranfers back to his body. Ao quickly maneuvers and lands on his feet)

Ao: (grinning) i knew he would release to early.

(Scene switchs to danzou torune and fu)

Danzou: So did you manage to retrieve the byakugan
Fuu: No sir, thier was a speacial barrier put on it so it couldnt be removed. but i have a feeling we wont have to worry about anybody possesing the byakugan other than konoha.
(Danzou looks confused)

(Scene switches to ao who is bandaging the flesh wound on his neck)

Ao: So they managed to slow me down a bit.
(Ao realizes that thiers a string tied to his foot)
Ao: What is this?

(Scene switches back to Danzou, Fuu, and torune looking at an explosion in the distance)
Fuu: that Explosive tag should have done the trick, would you like me to head back and check?
Danzou: No we must keep moving, fuu, torune, lets go
FUU and Torune: Right!

(Scene switches back to the kisame vs bee fight)

(Kisame lunges at bee and absorbs one of his tentacles)
Kisame: UGH!! (kisame grasps his chest)
Kisame: soo..much...power...
Kisame: (I cant absorb anymore of his chakras without harming myself in the process)
Bee: Its time i end this..

(Bee forms all of his tentacles to the shape of a cone and starts to rapidly spin, Raiton starts to surround bees tentacles as he spins.)


(The surrounding area is covered in steam/smoke)

(Scene switch to naruto)

Kakashi: Alright naruto, me and yamato are heading back to the hotel.
Naruto: Sai, you can come out now, i know your thier
Sai: !
(Sai approaches naruto)
Sai: Naruto, thier is something i must tell you...


Ao & Fuu
As Fuu starts to fall to the blade...

Fuu thinking: I’ve been trained to have no emotion I will not hesitate. I’d gladly give my life for Danzou-sama.

Fuu suddenly get’s a flashback of a funeral with Ino as a small child crying & being held by Inoichi.

Fuu’s Flashback
Ino: Why did this have to happen daddy why! Ichi was so strong he was the best among us! Bring Ichi back daddy tell me you can bring him back!

Inoichi: Reviving the fallen is something I simply can not do Ino. Some things in life shouldn’t be messed with. This is what it means to be a shinobi. Even the one’s with the most potential among us can fall due to reckless decisions.

Ino: It isn’t fair daddy!

Inoichi: Life isn’t always fair Ino. As you get older you’ll come to understand.

A Bird can be seen in a tree watching the funeral. Inoichi looks at the bird with sadness as it flies away. Ichi's spirit returns to his body from within the mind of the bird.

Danzou: Are you ready? Remember there’s no going back to that life once you’ve entered into the fold of root.

Ichi: I have no regrets my sister has a strong will she’ll be ok.

Danzou: From this day forward the man known as Yamanaka Ichi is dead. You will work in the shadows known by no one. You have no family or history. Your code name will be Fuu when times require you to have a name.

Danzou’s group
Fuu awakens with sweat on his face & a cut on his neck.

Fuu: Shit I hesitated...

Danzou: What do you mean hesitated!

Back to Ao
Ao returns to his body & lifts his neck while spinning his body to kick off of the tree. His neck is cut but he’s otherwise unharmed.

Ao: Ha I knew he didn’t have the balls to do it.

Kisame vs. Kirabi
Kisame can been seen swimming extremely fast hitting Kirabi from different directions. He’s creating tons of shark clones & attacking with them. Kirabi is barely able to fight them all off.

Kirabi thinking: I need to get out of this water

Kirabi swims to the surface but can’t get out

Kisame: You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?! This ball of water is like a gigantic water prison there is no escape short of defeating me!

Kisame knocks around Kirabi some more chomping away at his tails when suddenly his arm twiches & expands a little. Kisame notices this & creates 10 more sharkclones. Kisame’s arm goes back to normal. Kirabi fights off the sharkclones & is breathing heavily.

Sabu-chan: Kirabi did you?

Kirabi: Yeah I just noticed. It looks like his sword is acting funny. He needed to release some of the chakra he absorbed so he created those shark clones. I think I’ve got an idea.

Hachibi: No fucking way Kirabi!

Kirabi: It’s the only thing we have left Hachibi!

Kisame: Let’s finish this!!

Kisame swims around Kirabi with more sharkclones & they all attack him at once. Kirabi can be seen powering up as the sharkclones start to hit him.

Kisame thinking: He’s not even blocking he must be getting tired. Nows my chance to finish him off.

Kisame heads straight for Kirabi as Kirabi starts to smile.

Kirabi: Ha you fell for it bitch Ink spray!!!

Kirabi spits up ink to blind Kisame’s vision & quickly grabs him.

Kirabi: You like the taste of my chakra so much then you’ll love what I’m about to do to you!!

Kirabi powers up back into version 2 & continuously pumps out chakra.

Kisame thinking: Is this guy crazy?

Kisame’s heart starts to beat faster & faster.

Kisame: Shit this is to much Samehada stop eating now!

Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi!!!!

Kisame: ArrrhhhHHH!!!!!

Kisame’s body starts to expand as Kirabi continues to pump out chakra. Kisame suddenly explodes & the water bubble burst as well. Kirabi stands up & is covered in fish guts.

Hachibi: You’re a fucking arsehole you know that right?

Kirabi: We’re alive aren’t we?

Among the fish guts of Kisame a small parasite can be seen slithering away unnoticed. Madara appears in front of it & traps it in a jar.

Madara: What a shame Kisame couldn’t handle Samehada after all… Maybe it’ll have better luck with Suigetsu…

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